I am Kirill Papilio

On-Set supervisor, Art director, Designer.

what I do


On-Set supervising

Working onset with directors and key production departments, I'm ensure visual effects shots are creatively and technically correct and obtain the necessary data and references to optimize post-production.

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Art Direction

Collaborating with directors and designers to develop the overall style. Working to deadlines and budgets, management project.

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Post production

Compositing, motion design, keying and clean up, lighting and creating environment.

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advantages of working with me:

Unique approach

While doing my work, I am trying to make not just a beautiful picture, but also use my logic and analysis in order to understand what the audience wants and how to make the product truly unique and memorable.


I value my reputation so I do my job of a high quality, at a reasonable price and without breaking deadlines.


Working with a video is not a routine for me - that's my life, my passion and my vocation. So my work differs because of unique and fresh ideas!

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